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Why we are different to other pet boarding....

We don’t charge you extra for playing.

All our boarders are very much loved and treated just like our own so the pats and cuddles are FREE!

We don’t charge you extra for playing fetch with a frisbee and ball or that special one-on-one attention. We like the idea of a natural environment for your pet, not heated floors and air-conditioning so our large dog runs are fully grassed where they are run twice a day. There are no hidden costs or extra surcharges for public holidays and our prices are extremely competitive throughout Brisbane, why not take a look!

Covering the greater Brisbane area

Our pet hotel was established in the early 1970’s on a semi rural area of over 2 hectares.

Featuring a freshwater flowing creek and billabong we have maintained this area with an environmentally conscious awareness towards native wildlife and your family friends. Your pets are kept in a secure and safe environment surrounded by natural areas where we still sight kangaroos most days and the occasional koala, water dragon or other elusive native animals like glider possums in the early evening.

Hi my name is Janelle.

And I have simply been lucky enough to have had animals in my life since I was a little girl

To have had unconditional love and friendship makes my life complete whether it is your animal or mine that gives it to me. I have bred and showed dogs since I was 15 years old and have owned my boarding kennel and cattery since 1988. We have recently changed the name of our kennels from Kingsman Pet Motel to Janelle’s Doggies and Moggies Pet Resort to make it more personal for you. Over the years we have bred Newfoundlands, Chihuahuas and Pugs. We have started to make our new Deluxe Cat Suites in Bamboo Grove amongst the Bromeliads and soon will have Deluxe Dog Suites for pet boarding kennels as well to cater for every ones wishes and needs. I have wonderful staff with wonderful knowledge to share with you. Our pet boarding business here in Brisbane is a family owned and run business so my husband Tony and daughter Katie work for us as well.

If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
We reply within 24 hours!

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