Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels

Dog Boarding Kennels Brisbane Southside

Our dog boarding kennels are constructed of two large besser block buildings both insulated to avoid extreme temperatures, so they’re cool in summer and warm in winter.

The two buildings are divided into three sections consisting of individual 3.5×1.2 metre pens. Each building and section caters for different size dogs, primarily all large sized dogs in the first building and all medium and small sized dogs in the second building split between the two sections.

In the morning all dogs are run individually in our huge 25×8 metre grass yards where they can play with toys or simply sit in the shade or sun. During this time their pen is cleaned and disinfected.

A short time later your dog is fed where the food is left in their pen all day. We find many dogs won’t eat straight away whilst others like to graze.

Later in the afternoon your dog is run for a 2nd time but this time it’s play and cuddle time. Your welcome to leave them treats such as a bone or smachos which are given to them when they go to bed.

Music is played to the dogs 24 hours a day to keep them company even at night.

Upon request we will pen large and small dogs side by side and also run them together. This is great for dogs who come from the same family home.

If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.
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